All personal information are collected and managed by TEMPISH s.r.o., Na Zakope 2, 772 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic. BY USING THE TEPMPISH GOGO, YOU AGREE TO THE PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE THE TEMPISH GOGO.

Collecting Information

If want to start using TEMPISH GOGO, we ask for only for email and username. If you sign via Facebook, these informations are transfered to GOGO database.

When you use the TEMPISH GOGO further informations may be collected:
automatically: GPS-data, time, speed etc.
voluntarily: age, height, weight, inline skill, wheels size, wheels hardness etc.

Automatically collected information are never presented to other users without user permission (e.g. recommend track to other users gives us permission for publishing this track). If you provide us personal information on third party e.g. if you invite your friends to ride your track. We will only use these data for related purpose e.g. delivering invitation.

Sharing information

identifiable personal information

Transfering identifiable personal information always requires users permission.

de-identifiable personal information

We may share aggregated (or in other ways de-identifiable) personal information publicly and with our business partners, e.g. TEMPISH distributors.


We can use your email address for sending newsletters related to TEMPISH GOGO (e.g. new challenge with awards) and our products (e.g. new model of inline skates). Of course you can turn off these information emails.


We urge parents to advice children on their use of online activities. We urge children to ask parents about advice on their use of online activities.

Data protection

Our datacenter is located in Europian Union so it meets Europian Union laws about data storage. Only limited number of people have access to personal data in order to keep them secure.

Privacy Policy Changes

We can revise the Privacy Policy at any time. We will inform you throught TEMPISH GOGO service or email.

Contact Us

If you have questions about Privacy Policy contact us on email: