What Tempish GOGO brings new:

  • First specialized app for inline skating.
  • Advanced functions for free.
  • The completelly new concept of sport application.

Application is based on two main ideas:

  • The inline tracks are exactly given by the smooth asphalt.
  • The inline skaters go their favorite tracks over and over again.

Tempish GOGO is:

  • 1. The database of inline tracks worldwide with navigation.
  • 2. The sport coach based on motivation to defeat your own personal records. The app compares your actual time on track with the reference time and motivates you to defeat this reference time.

How to download Tempish GOGO?

Application is now in the beta test phase. App is nearly 100% functional, but you can't find it on the Google Play Store now. So you need to do a few more steps for downloading the app. But it is easy and nicely described in this manual.

1. Find out the Google Play Store account

Fist you need to find out the account which you use for the Google Play Store on your phone. If you don't know the account, follow instructions 1

2. Sign in to the Beta Testing Google+ group

Sign in the Google+ group:

Tempish GOGO - Beta Testers

If you don't know how to sign in, follow instructions 2.

3. Become a Tester and download Tempish GOGO Beta

The app is in Beta Test phase so you need to become a tester. Click on this link:

Become a tester.

There click on BECOME A TESTER (it will be shown in your local language).

Wait approx. 15 minutes and click on the link:

Download Tempish GOGO from the Play Store.

Then you can download application by standard way. If you have problem, follow instructions 3.

If you have trouble with installation, please read the manual again. If the trouble remain, send us an email on the address kreaturteam@gmail.com and we will solve your problem.

Beta testing

App is in the beta test phase, so it can contain bugs, which need to be fixed. You can help us. If the app crashes, please send us the crash report.

If you find some other bugs (app doesn't crash), or you have some note about the app, send us an email on the kreaturteam@gmail.com, every opinion is welcomed.